Country Guides

Is your country missing from the list? Help us create the Country Guide for your country’s startup ecosystem.


The Startup Universal Country Guide is a central destination for insights and news related to a country’s startup ecosystem. Like a Wikipedia page, it provides a foundation of knowledge to help direct you in becoming more involved in an ecosystem.

Each Country Guide includes an Ecosystem Overview with data and insights, and a Newsfeed with relevant articles. Content is locally sourced, and presents a curated insider view of the ecosystem. 


The Ecosystem Overview includes the qualified perspective of a country “Guest Editor” -- an experienced local startup leader (investor/founder/thought leader) with deep ecosystem knowledge. It consists of several sections: 

  • Editor’s Guide: A section personally authored by the Guest Editor detailing the unique challenges and opportunities within each country’s startup ecosystem, as well as which industries and startups to focus on. This guide is routinely reviewed and maintained by the Guest Editor.
  • Community: A database of the main ecosystem resources, from local investors and accelerators to coworking spaces to events and more. This Community section is dynamic and is constantly updated through crowdsourced submissions.
  • Country Snapshot: A section featuring information about the country’s economy and population. This snapshot data is sourced from prominent global databases such as the World Bank and The World Factbook, among others.


Apart from the Ecosystem Overview, all Country Guides have a Top Stories tab highlighting the latest news surrounding the ecosystem, with both original articles and articles from other tech news sites. 

All content on the Country Guide is reviewed before it is added to the page. At Startup Universal, our goal is to ensure all site content is authentic, current, and useful.