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Presail: The startup helping to manage presale deals in web3

Oslo-based Presail has picked up about €3.8 million to develop its management platform for community-driven web3 funding. The young innovators will now grow their team and […]
September 19th, 2022

Norwegian startup Nomono lands over €3.5 million as podcasting and audio content demand keeps soaring

Nomono, the startup building tools for audio content creation and collaboration, has just scored over €3.5 million in new investment. The Norwegian company is pioneering new […]
September 14th, 2022

Oslo-based Breyta bags €4.9 million to build next-generation CRM system

SaaS startup Breyta has just raised an additional €4.9 million in seed funding for its innovative CRM tool. The Norwegian company is aiming to bring more […]
September 12th, 2022

10 Norwegian startups to watch

Norway’s tech scene seems to have been described as “up-and-coming” for years on end. That’s despite the fact it has unicorns like grocery delivery startup Oda, […]
September 9th, 2022
Startup Lithuania

Startup Of The Week: VULKAZA

Would you like to focus on growing your business and let someone else take care of your on-demand production and shipping to your customers? That is […]
July 26th, 2022

Czech startup Better Stack bags €18.2 million to help build a better internet

Building an improved observability stack for developers, Better Stack has just raised over €18.2 million. The Czech startup’s product leverages the advances of the ClickHouse database […]
July 21st, 2022
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Why EU should ask member states to save gas

July 21, 2022, Thursday, has long been regarded as a fateful day for future energy supplies in Europe. Because that will show whether Putin will turn […]
July 20th, 2022
The Recursive

Who are the Greek Women in Tech: A Map with 30+ Female Entrepreneurs

The Greek tech ecosystem has seen an unprecedented growth during the past few years, with female entrepreneurs having a vital role in its development.  In this […]
July 4th, 2022
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Romanian startup Octavic has raised over €770.000 in grants

© Octavic The Romanian startup and digital solution provider Octavic has obtained over €770.000 in European grants in the past year. The company has been supported […]
June 13th, 2022
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