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What the rest of the world can learn from the Swedish approach to the influencer economy

Jacob and Victor Eriksson, Co-Founders of the Sweden-born playtech startup Boxbollen, talk about how launching their business in Sweden helped to inform Boxbollen's wildly successful global influencer marketing strategy.
By: Jacob & Victor ErikssonJuly 30th, 2023
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Why São Paulo is the next city to watch for fintech

São Paulo has enormous potential as a fintech hub. Its large and growing economy, a diverse and skilled workforce, excellent governmental and tech ecosystem support, and a strong entrepreneurial culture - complemented by the fact that it’s a wonderful place to live and work - mean the smart money for the world’s next fintech hub is on here.
By: Olle WidénApril 21st, 2023
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Simple Steps to Help You Start Coding

If you want to broaden your skill-set to broaden your job opportunities. Here are some tips to help you get started on coding.
By: Tracie JohnsonFebruary 27th, 2022
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Why Sweden is the Ideal Breeding Ground for the Next Global E-commerce Unicorn

There are a few particular factors - both societal and commercial - that make Sweden in particular a good bet for the source of the next e-commerce unicorn. 
By: Pernilla NyrenstenJanuary 10th, 2022
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Start-Up Biz 101: How to Start a Lending Business

Money. This is one thing that is always in demand. Why not make a business out of it? Here's how to start your own lending business.
By: Sierra PowellDecember 13th, 2021
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3 Ways Technology Can Help Meet Your Business's Needs

Running a successful business today is probably harder than ever before. With ongoing challenges like the pandemic and the labor shortage, many businesses are looking for any way they can to slash costs and increase efficiency.
By: Sierra PowellSeptember 13th, 2021
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How to Efficiently Train a Remote Workforce

If you are working with a remote workforce, training is still as important as ever. Here's how you can adjust to efficient remote workforce training.
By: Sheryl WrightAugust 4th, 2021
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Advice for Startups Planning In-Person Events

This article can help any startup gain an insight into what it takes to pull off a successful in-person business event.
By: Ashley ChapelJuly 8th, 2021
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Latin America’s New ‘Silicon Valleys’ Highlight the Region’s Innovative Future

A number of new “Silicon Valleys” have been declared around Latin America that point to a bright future for innovation in the region.
By: Biz Latin HubApril 26th, 2021
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Understanding Education After Covid-19

The changes brought about by COVI9-19 have been evident especially in the education industry. What has been made clear is that, despite all the difficulties, humans are still thirsty for knowledge and learning.
By: Artur MeysterMarch 15th, 2021
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