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What’s Going on in Sweden? Insider View on COVID-19 from a Swedish Startup Founder

An insider perspective on what it’s like to run a startup company in Sweden during the pandemic, and what support is provided for startups at this time.
By: Viktor StenssonMay 20th, 2020
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Malaysia's Copycat Culture

For all its ethnic and cultural diversity, Malaysia struggles to nurture a breed of entrepreneurs who develop and bring to market disruptive and new technologies.
By: Startup UniversalMay 8th, 2020
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Growing a global, bootstrapped startup Down Under

The Australian economy has traditionally relied on commodities to drive its security and growth. In recent years, however, there's a growing recognition that innovation will be the driver of the country’s future prosperity and growth.
By: Alex ZacarriaApril 30th, 2020
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Startup Ukraine: An Overview of its Upcoming Star Players

What are the most promising startups coming out of Ukraine, and why is the ecosystem on the rise?
By: Blaze ArizanovApril 27th, 2020
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Why Swedish-style startup management can help boost team morale and motivation in COVID-19 crisis

Five tips, rooted in Swedish-style team setups, which are certain to have a positive impact on your staff during this difficult time.
By: Johnny WarströmApril 27th, 2020
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Estonia's Startup Ecosystem Steps up in Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

Estonia has been leading from the front by using technology in creative ways to combat COVID-19.
By: Blaze ArizanovApril 20th, 2020
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Colombia Startup Ecosystem Overview: Latin America's Most Viable Market for Startups?

Colombia is positioned as one of Latin America's most viable markets for startups. Read about SME and startup activity in Colombia.
By: Biz Latin HubApril 19th, 2020
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Startup Island Episode One: How A Small Hardware-as-a-Service Startup Made the Leap from Silicon Valley to Taiwan

The Accelerator team at AppWorks has produced a podcast series about early stage founders and their perspective on what its like to build a startup in the fastest-growing region for startups, Greater Southeast Asia (ASEAN + Taiwan). In this episode, we talk to Andrew Jiang of Soda Labs, a Hardware-as-a-Service venture builder, about his journey from Silicon Valley to Taiwan, and what it takes to build a software-hardware hybrid startup.
By: AppWorksApril 12th, 2020
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Multiculturalism Is A Key Differentiator For Malaysia's Startup Ecosystem

Malaysia’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population create a melting pot of perspectives and ideas--a valuable asset for the country’s startup ecosystem.
By: Startup UniversalApril 10th, 2020
Startup Universal

Tradition & Hierarchy Rules All In Thailand

Thai culture and everyday life is steeped in tradition. Even today, tradition dictates Thai behaviors and the way things are done, including in the Thai business and startup community.
By: Startup UniversalApril 9th, 2020
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