Jonathan Moed:


Jonathan is a business strategist and contributing writer for Forbes covering global startups and entrepreneurs. He previously worked on the Product team at e-commerce startup and as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting. In 2017, Jonathan left Jet to travel and work around the world, and uncover what it means to start up in different countries. This experience inspired both his writing, and Startup Universal.


Margot Preuss:

Product Lead

Margot started her career in investment banking before pivoting into tech as a product manager. Most recently, as a senior product manager at New York-based FinTech startup The Credit Junction, she designed and built risk and analytics tools to monitor the performance of asset based loans. She loves to travel, and is particularly interested in creating new ways to support female entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The Story

In 2017, founder Jonathan Moed embarked on a year-long trip traveling the world with his wife Zoe. While traveling through Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America, he met with global entrepreneurs and startups in each of the countries he visited, and wrote about his experiences to shine a light on the stories he encountered. This experience made Jonathan appreciate the incredible talent and technology emerging in tech ecosystems around the world, but also the lack of accessible, high-quality content covering technology startups in many of these countries, especially those in emerging and developing ecosystems. That’s why Jonathan decided to create a platform: Startup Universal.


Startup Universal is a forum to showcase and access the full extent of the world’s tech talent and opportunities. It was born to address the lack of understanding and recognition among entrepreneurs, investors, and tech community members of the accomplishments (what has already been achieved) and opportunities (the potential for future growth) in emerging startup ecosystems. The hope is that by shining a light on what’s on the ground in the ‘rest’ of the world’s technology ecosystems—those that are growing, but do not yet have a presence on the global stage— Startup Universal will facilitate increased communication between tech communities and promote technology opportunities globally.

It aims to serve as an information source for people, both locals and foreigners, looking to:

  • Start tech startup businesses (Entrepreneurs)

  • Fund tech startup businesses (Investors)

  • Join tech startup businesses (Talent)

  • Cover tech startup businesses (Journalists)


Startup Universal fills the gaps between traditional tech news sites, databases, and research projects focused primarily on the world’s most mature technology ecosystems. The site vision is unique both in terms of the countries it focuses on (the where), and the way it generates content (the how):

The Where: Startup Universal focuses primarily on developing/emerging ecosystems in underserved markets with fewer existing resources and less coverage. The pilot site will include insights and news covering countries across Asia, Latin America, Africa, and parts of Europe.

The How: For each country, Startup Universal enlists the help of a country guest editor (a well-known local investor/founder/thought leader) with deep experience and knowledge to offer their insights and perspective. Additionally, Startup Universal sources content from contributors/publishers on the ground in the countries they're writing about, and offers anyone involved in the tech community the opportunity to pitch content. This ensures the content is current, credible, and dynamic.

With this approach in mind, as we continue to build out the platform and get it ready for launch, we are always looking for passionate tech community members to get involved and help spread the word about the amazing people and technology in their country. Help us transform your startup ecosystem and present it on a global stage.