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Tech Nova Ghana

Orange Opens 5G Lab To Test 5G in Côte d’Ivoire

Orange Côte d’Ivoire has opened its Orange 5G Lab, devoted to digital professionals, start-ups, and businesses. This event took place on Tuesday, September 20 at the […]
September 20th, 2022

Egyptian Beauty Platform Source Beauty Acquired By Egyptian Company For Cosmetics

Egyptian Beauty Platform Source Beauty Acquired By Egyptian Company For Cosmetics Egyptian beauty e-commerce platform Source Beauty has sold a majority stake to the Egyptian Company […]
September 20th, 2022
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Männliche Gründerteams bekommen mehr als 90% des Startup-Finanzierungsvolumen

Trotz des stark eingetrübten Marktumfelds aufgrund von steigenden Zinsen, Inflation und einer drohenden Rezession erhielten österreichische Startups im ersten Halbjahr 2022 mehr frisches Kapital als je […]
September 20th, 2022
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Awake Mobility: Österreichischer Großinvestor steigt bei Busflotten-Startup ein

Mehr Effizienz durch Daten: Das ist das Grundprinzip des auf Busflotten spezialisierten Münchner Startups Awake Mobility. Daten sollen den Kontrollzentren sowie den Busfahrer:innen selbst Informationen darüber […]
September 12th, 2022

SVC invests in Jordan's Propeller's second fund

Saudi Venture Capital (SVC) has invested in Jordan-based Propeller’s second fund. The value of the investment was not disclosed.  Propeller is an early-stage venture capital (VC) […]
September 6th, 2022
Korea Tech Desk

Globaleur collaborates with global travel brands to facilitate digital transformation by enhancing AI-driven personalization

As worldwide travel starts to recover from COVID, major travel brands are serving millions of international travelers once again. Nonetheless, severe repercussions of COVID have taught […]
September 5th, 2022

Egyptian food delivery start-up seeks $10m in seed funding

Billed as the first mobile app in the country’s food-tech industry to specialise in table and meal reservations, the Egyptian start-up Bonbell has closed an initial […]
September 4th, 2022
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