Blaze Arizanov

Blaze Arizanov

Co-founder at StayUncle

Best-selling author, startup enthusiast and prr...obably the best copywriter in South Asia. Founder, Inkblot Media copywriting (www.inkblot-media), Launch In India ( and StayUncle hotels for couples (

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Startup Ukraine: An Overview of its Upcoming Star Players

What are the most promising startups coming out of Ukraine, and why is the ecosystem on the rise?
By: Blaze ArizanovApril 27th, 2020
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Estonia's Startup Ecosystem Steps up in Response to the COVID-19 Epidemic

Estonia has been leading from the front by using technology in creative ways to combat COVID-19.
By: Blaze ArizanovApril 20th, 2020
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Macedonia, a nation learning to choose itself

Is this tiny Balkan nation a new startup hotspot? Digital nomads swear by the great weather, the food, the low prices and the competency of local developers. Read about the Macedonian startup ecosystem and the most promising startups from the region.

By: Blaze ArizanovMarch 31st, 2020
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E-Stonia: The Most Digitally Advanced Startup Ecosystem In The World

How did Estonia manage to change its traditions and thinking so quickly to ensure the birth of such an efficient, open, and innovation-driven economy?
By: Blaze ArizanovDecember 25th, 2019
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