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Innovation Academy 2021: fostering student startup culture to create Bulgaria’s future entrepreneurs

The team of Flower in a Test Tube from Sofia University’s Biology Department won second place in Innovation Academy 2020. image: ©Innovation Starter Early student entrepreneurs […]
April 16th, 2021
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TUES FEST 2021: Bulgaria’s leading tech school supports student innovation

TUES, the leading technology high school in Bulgaria, is organizing TUES FEST 2021, an event aimed to present the achievements of its students. The 48-hour fest, […]
April 15th, 2021
Startup Lithuania

This Week’s Opportunities For Startups | April 12-18

The month of April brings new opportunities to conquer challenges and adventures for all-around success! Such opportunities for startups are coming out every day, so we […]
April 12th, 2021

Indian social media firm ShareChat raises USD 502 million from Tiger Global, Snap; becomes a unicorn

Indian social media startup ShareChat, which also runs short video app Moj, has landed a half-a-billion dollar check from New York-headquartered hedge fund Tiger Global, American […]
April 8th, 2021
Startup Lithuania

This Week’s Opportunities For Startups | April 6-11

Do you ever feel like there simply is not enough time in the week to get everything that you want to do accomplished? No prob. That’s […]
April 6th, 2021
The Recursive

Accessibility Hackathon in Romania: Using tech to fight diversity and equality challenges in employment

Bucharest, Romania ~ When designed thoughtfully and with intention, technology impacts all our systems in unique and irreplaceable ways. Aside from the more evident economic and […]
April 2nd, 2021
The Low Down

How to explain how tech companies do marketing to my traditional industry boss?!

Get connected! COMING SOON! The Momentum Works Rise of Digital Banks in Indonesia report is coming out on 6 April 2021. Please contact us at [email protected] to request […]
March 31st, 2021
Startup Lithuania

This Week’s Opportunities For Startups | March 29-April 4

Planning out your week ahead of time can really boost your productivity. Check out our great overview of the most important opportunities of this week and […]
March 29th, 2021
The Recursive

Innovation Academy: the educational competition set to scale youth entrepreneurship in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria ~ How can young entrepreneurs build their skills and knowledge in order to be able to develop and scale the ideas of tomorrow? Getting […]
March 26th, 2021
The Low Down

Goldman Sachs 95 work week VS China’s “996” work culture

Don’t miss our updates! Subscribe to TLD Newsletter Subscribe to our Youtube channel MW Immersion We are not trainers. But we do pack our venture building […]
March 23rd, 2021
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