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Recap of JUMP2DIGITAL 2023: A gathering of 7,000+ tech enthusiasts in Barcelona

Barcelona played host to JUMP2DIGITAL, a gathering of over 7,000 tech enthusiasts at the Montjuïc fairground on November 17. Mobile World Capital Barcelona hosts this event, […]
November 29th, 2023
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Uncover raises $7.5M Seed round, Ep 156

byAraceli DominguezNovember 28, 2023No comments1 minute read In this week’s Espresso, we cover news from Cubo, Uncover, Mathland, and more! Outline of this episode: [00:27] – […]
November 28th, 2023
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Finkargo raised $20M in a series A round led by QED investors, Ep 155

byAraceli DominguezNovember 14, 2023No comments1 minute read In this week’s Espresso, we cover news from Kavak, GoPass, Able-On, and more! Outline of this episode: [00:28] – […]
November 14th, 2023
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Able-On receives $7.25M to include AI in the logistics chain

Able-On, a Brazilian startup, raised a $7.25M round led by ITA Frotas.  The funding will boost marketing efforts and enhance the AI platform for managing client health […]
November 9th, 2023
Tech Nova Ghana

Abidjan To Host Largest Fintech Gathering in Francophone Africa

The Next Fintech Forum (NFF), the largest event in French-speaking Africa dedicated to Fintech, is organizing its 5th edition on November 16th and 17th, at the Radisson Blu, Abidjan. This 2023 […]
November 8th, 2023
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QI Tech raises $200M in Series B round, Ep 154

byAraceli DominguezNovember 7, 2023No comments1 minute read In this week’s Espresso, we cover news from Verqor, Endeavor, Fracttal, and more! Outline of this episode: [00:28] – […]
November 7th, 2023

How Victor Ekwueme is helping the blind see through tech

In Nigeria, access to opportunities for people with disabilities is an uphill climb. Amidst the challenges, Victor Ekwueme is shining a light through tech, especially for […]
November 4th, 2023
The Recursive

AI Regulation That Doesn’t Hinder Innovation: Interview with Cezara Panait

Strong AI governance is needed in order to mitigate risks posed by these technologies, including from job displacement, bias, explainability, and data security. Yet the upcoming […]
November 2nd, 2023
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Termin fixiert: ViennaUP findet auch 2024 wieder statt

Die ViennaUP ist zurück! Wien öffnet erneut seine Tore für Startups, die Kapitalgeber:innen von vielversprechenden Projekten und Ideen überzeugen möchten. Das Festival für Innovation und Unternehmertum […]
October 24th, 2023
Tech Nova Ghana

Ghana FinTech and Payments Association Shows Support for the eCedi Hackathon

The Ghana Fintech and Payments Association (GFPA) has announced its strong support for the eCedi Hackathon, being led by the Bank of Ghana and supported by EMTECH; under the theme “Unlock the […]
October 11th, 2023
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